David hosts the most amazing and unique landscape photography holidays, 
here in the beautiful Isle of Man.

The Isle of Man boasts the most fabulous land and seascape vistas.  No travelling for hours to find the next picturesque spot as there is a surprise around every corner.  

If you would like to join us on a photography based holiday, simply book the dates you require via our 'Book now' button, send us an explanatory message and we will contact you soon after to customise your visit.

In summary, you will stay with Judy and David in their four star, gold award bed & breakfast home.
Remember we have just one guest bedroom so you and your partner will enjoy personalised, 'one to one' tuition and guidance from David.

Tuition is available daily for one or two persons and for further details, please refer to our dedicated training website here:

We operate a fully functioning photographic studio here at Ballavere Cottage.  Following your landscape adventures we may sit and view your work, cinema style and with a welcome cuppa !

David also offers guidance and tuition throughout the Photoshop range of digital image enhancement processes.

Is David competent, capable and qualified ?
We think we have the answers for you here.
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